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Beadel Family Foundation, is founded by Josh and Pamela owners of the beloved family restaurants, The Breakfast Bar, in Long Beach. They started the foundation as a means to bring people together and give back to others in need. Its mission is to build community and raise awareness of critical issues on a local and national level through their convene and connect program that provides meals and meaningful impact storytelling events which results in positive change for all.

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Josh & Pam Beadel - Owners of The Breakfast Bar

Josh and Pamela Beadel are Long Beach Locals who have lived and worked in downtown since 2002. Their experience spans managing family owned restaurants to serving at popular local Long Beach establishments, which helped in shaping their unique concept for The Breakfast Bar.  The Breakfast Bar is a creative blend of Josh’s expertise in the bar and beverage industry and Pamela’s expertise in the restaurant business, built to bring friends and family together over food and drink.

“Our Dream has always been to create a restaurant where we could share our family recipes with the community we love. For us, it’s all about family!”

They strive to make as many homemade items in house and uphold a level of quality unique to breakfast spots. “Many of our recipes have been passed down from our grandmothers and great aunt’s to our mother’s and now to us.”  

With food like Grandma would cook accompanied by specialty drinks and craft beer creating the perfectly well rounded dining experience.

Josh and Pam are very involved with the Long Beach Community as well as PSI Seminars Life Success Courses.

Learn more about PSI Seminars Life Success Courses.


We’re always cooking fresh new dishes or shaking up delicious homemade cocktails -

Signature Dish

Uncle Marcee’s Omelet Casserole

Signature Drink

Cucumber Lemonade

We’re on a Podcast!

We had the chance to sit down with our good friend and independent podcaster Malcolm Alexander Brinkley - host of the ON THE BRINK Podcast. We talked about restauranteering, what makes the Breakfast Bar special, the current state of restaurants in the pandemic, and more! Check out the full podcast.


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